Get rid of shameful thoughts

I have two specific things that I have done in my life that, whenever I think about them, I feel waves of shame. I want to deal with these thoughts so that they no longer have an effect on me. Currently, whenever these thoughts pop into my head, I quickly force myself to push them out of my mind because I can’t deal with the shameful feelings at that time (usually when I am driving or with my kids or doing something else that doesn’t allow me to put effort into dealing with the feelings). I recall Brooke mentioned dealing with waves of shame in one of the weight loss videos but I do not recall how she resolved this. Is the answer to just force myself to think about them over and over until the thoughts and feelings go away? I’m struggling with the intentional model here, and also how to get there. Thank you.

C: Certain acts from my past
T: I can’t believe I did that, I am such a terrible person
F: Shame
A: Avoid thinking about those acts, pretend they didn’t happen
R: I continue to feel shame every time I think about those acts

C: Certain acts from my past
T: Those things are in the past, I’m no longer that person and I’ve let any negative feelings go
F: Indifferent
A: ?
R: Thinking about those acts no longer bothers me.