Get work done on "bad days"?

Dear Brooke,

I just made a thought download and the thought of being afraid of “bad days” came up.
Then I added an unintentional model and an intentional one.

This work helped me a lot to understand that on so-called “bad days” it is, of course, my state of mind that is causing me to believe this.

The way I coped with these days in the past is that I just went to sleep during the day, ate chocolate and so on, basically buffering. And of course, procrastinating all of my work.

Now in my new model, I stop buffering, while still being kind to myself. My goal is to proceed with work while “feeling not quite like myself today.”

But of course, if understand being kind to myself as running away from any uncomfortable task or challenging work, I have to learn a new way of being kind to myself. This is where I need help.

Thoughts, affirmations etc. that will help me focus on my work rather than my negative thoughts and emotions are probably a good starting point? Can you help me here with some tips please?

All the best