Getting back into walking

Yesterday at my 20 min coaching call, we understood that as a person I push push push myself towards growth & improvement in ALL areas of my life, including leisure goals, and then have a pattern where I (perhaps inevitably) crash and just completely give up on things. I found this a very useful way of thinking and it applies to all my leisure activities (walking, reading, piano) where I have noticed I push myself as if they have to be constantly improving. Then end up giving up on them altogether for periods of time.

I want to focus today on walking as for years I’ve been using Stepbet + Fitbit to get myself to walk more – and it’s been great – but it reached a point where from late September I noticed I wasn’t reaching my goals, lost a couple of challenges, and completely gave up on ANY walking. Here is today’s model on this

Model on Unintentional Thought (starting from C of not walking)
C: not walking at all
T: I used to do so much walking! I have great resistance to restarting a walking routine so am doing nothing which is not good at all!
F: defiance / resistance / ‘not wanting’
A: reminding myself how much I was walking (using Stepbet with ever-increasing walking goals, ending up walking even at home to get those steps in) and watch my resistance building
avoiding the whole thing
have also stopped any strength training, even minimum
weight loss has stopped and weight remains the same which I tell myself has nothing to do with the not walking
tell myself that unless I use StepBet and walk as much as I used to, it’s not possible to get myself to walk even a bit
R: continue to not walk at all and have great resistance to restarting