Getting Certified Or Not?

Hi Brooke,

For as long as I can remember every few years throughout my life I would get a bug on doing some fitness certification to be an instructor and then cancel before the course start.
About 15 years ago I actually went through an entire course to be a Pilates instructor and completed it and the next day that Pilates studio offered me to substitute an afternoon class for another instructor.
I went home, sweat and all and started preparing the exercises routine for the class and studied it carefully for days.
When I walked into that studio, first time as an instructor, I completely forgot what I prepared but somehow managed to fill an hour with random exercises.

That class will be remembered not as B- work but as Z- work. Still, when the class ended, one older lady came to me and thanked me for the class and said she is looking forward to take more of my classes. My thought was, ‘Are you on drugs? Have we not been in the same room the past hour?’
The next day I told the studio I don’t want to be an instructor anymore.

Few years later I would walk into another group fitness studio and the owner will offer to train me to teach. I felt inadequate and that I don’t own the room. That I am a joke, and that the students are more fit than me. And so I left that studio too.

Years go by and every few years I would look into certification in Yoga, barre fitness, or some other movement method.
It’s not the main career I want for myself. I am an aspiring writer and currently live off of my husband salary. But I know that if at some point I will need to go and get a job, “I’d much rather it be an instructor than working in a cubicle or serving tables”.

It sounds to me like a great part-time job to have, be a fitness instructor, and it will also keep me more active after hours of sitting and writing. But then I freak out and don’t do it.
The past year there is another certification I have been looking into. The investment in that is a less than a thousand dollars and I am unsure again.

I think my reason to get certified stems from thinking I will be miserable in other jobs and being an instructor sounds like a great profession to have, so the feelings I have are doubtful and fear. What am I not getting here?

C: Get Certified
T: I should get certified so I have another way to pay the bills
F: Scared, unsure
A: Canceling the course
R: Not getting certified

Lastly, I watched only this morning the recorded call from June 15th and realized you are keeping the schedule, answering questions, coaching on-the-go, while being away from your family and busy with moving to a different state and settling in. I just wanted to say how a Lady you are with how you deal with it all.