“Getting cheated by retail “ model help

Hi Brooke and coaches
I was promised a gift card for opening new family plan with one of the nationwide cellular networks providers. It’s been three days and I haven’t received my gift card yet. I did notice the fine print on the the promotion which said it is applicable only online and not through store. I was in a hurry to get my new phone and went to the store. I showed the promotion to the store manager and got the store manager to promise me that he would “ use his powers” and help me get the gift card. So I went ahead with my purchase. Three days later I’m still waiting for my gift card and I am given one reason or the other for the delay.
My mind is racing with thoughts that I’m getting cheated and it makes me angry
Here are my models
C: no gift card yet
T: I am getting cheated
F: helplessness
A: take no action, spinning thoughts , wishing I could do something
R : ?

C: no gift card yet
T: I shouldn’t have trusted the store guy
F: regret
A: beat myself up
R : I lose trust in my decisions

Is “I am getting cheated” just a thought? Feels like a circumstance to me, since I can prove that I’m not getting the gift card I was promised so I’m, cheated .
Am I mixing thoughts and circumstance?
I am not able to figure out my result in the above model.
What are some intentional models that I could practice for situations like these ?