getting clear with niche and what I’m selling

Hi Brooke,
Do you recommend naming a business in terms of the problem or the solution (you are targeting).
My niche is School Based Speech Language Pathologists- who have become overwhelmed and disillusioned by their work, they wish they could quit-but can’t.

As far as business name- I’m thinking ” The Happy SLP School” (like they go to school to get happy)
But then it’s like I’m selling happiness, relief, acceptance… -which doesn’t sell.
I see most of the benefits of my coaching as being emotional and I’m having a tough time quantifying the more tangible results

Perhaps – more time (because they will learn to be intentional about their schedule and prioritize) , more money?? (because they won’t need to quit, because they will feel better and use resources more efficiently, maybe start a side hustle), more energy ( because their brain will be spending less time spinning, overwhelming)… any more ideas here?

Would I put these ideas into my business/blog name instead of “The Happy SLP School?”– “The SLP Burnout School?”… for SLP’s that have decided to smoke a lot of weed because our job is just too hard(JK about the weed part)-lol