Getting close to achieving my goal…what then??

Todays live coaching call was great! The combination of the coaching of the three ladies really helped click things together for me. My goal right now is to finish my masters thesis, which has been a struggle nagging me since 2014…I realised a little while ago that I was putting off doing my thesis and holding it over myself so I would have an excuse not to fulfil potential in any other area of my life. But today really clarified that I was using it as a buffer, just like Karena and Megan with the boyfriends. It’s kept me distracted with guilt and procrastination and fear. But now thanks to SCS I’m actually getting it done and I believe that I will actually finish it by my self imposed deadline of April 20th!! What happens then?! What do I do when it’s done?! That’s what I’ve been buffering from this whole time…even now my planned free time I find it hard to relax because I am not use to having free time that isn’t riddled with guilt! For over 4 years I haven’t allowed for any other big goals because I ‘needed to finish my thesis first’. Have you any advice please on this aspect of achieving goals?? Thank you in advance!

Aoife xx