Getting Coached on the Same Thing Twice

Hi Coaches,

I noticed a thought as I was preparing for my weekly coaching: I’ve already been coached on this, so I shouldn’t need coaching on it again. I’m fascinated that this thought was lurking around. If one of my kids or students sought out help on “the same thing twice”, I would not think they shouldn’t need that. Does it sound like I am applying perfectionist thinking to myself?  And, All or nothing thinking?

C Preparing for weekly coaching
T I shouldn’t need coaching on this again
F Impatient
A I use different standards for myself than I use for others; I’m hesitant to get coached on the things I clearly need more coaching on; I discount the progress I’ve actually made in these areas by calling it “the same thing”; I ignore that time has passed and I’ve done additional actions, such that the C is different even if the Ts are similar; I use a scarcity mindset as if there’s not enough coaching time to dig deeper versus a mindset in which I allow myself to have access to coaching for a longer time period; I frame the issues as a one-time puzzle to solve instead of a process of learning
R I limit my experience of being coached

I’ve really enjoyed learning from this model. Are there other insights that you notice? Thanks!