Getting to the core feelings [part two]

Hello love. You said before: “make your goal way way bigger than it is now. You want to practice believing in something so big that it blows your own mind. This will bring ALL your thoughts you’re wondering about to the surface, and I recommend you run models on all of them to start practicing and learning this skill.”
My goal is huge. It is life changing when it happens. Perhaps when I ask myself how I’m feeling I am accepting the surface level automatic response that skews positive and believes anything is possible–and I’m not digging deeper. Should I, in question 3, ask myself why I won’t achieve this to get to what I must be thinking at a deeper level? And then run models on those statements? That maybe bypasses the feelinngs part momentarily to get at some underlying thoughts. I presume that if I ask myself that and come up with answers that whatever comes up must be something I think or presently believe, right?

Thanks again!