Getting distracted and wasting time

I’m confused about the model in a situation like this. I have ADHD and often phase out or go into a brain fog. For example, right now I’ve been planning on exercising for a while and am almost ready, I just need to go change. I’m sitting at the computer after doing some urgent emailing and opening up the exercise video, and then I realize that I am just randomly clicking some news tabs and stuff. I don’t really have any thoughts or feelings that I’m aware of.

I started a model:
C – I’m clicking randomly on the computer and wasting time
T – (not sure what to do here, I actually didn’t have any thoughts at all, my mind was fairly blank. The thought might have been “oh, let me go see something” or maybe not a thought at all, as someone with ADHD transitions are challenging for me so there is a conscious effort involved in just standing up from my chair)
F – (Again, not sure what goes here. I feel fairly neutral. I am looking forward to exercising since I love yoga and it’s been a week since I’ve done it as I’ve been sick)
Not sure what to do now or how it will help