Getting Frustrated with Husband’s Manual :)

So my husband and I often work differently. I tend to work faster, get things done quicker and truly enjoy checking things off my to do list like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. I certainly put a lot of my self-worth on the line if I don’t get things done but that’s for a different post and question:)

Lately what has been feeling frustrating is so many family/life things that we need to do together are not getting done ( or getting done slowly) because he is choosing only to focus on work and getting things done for work. Example: we have been really wanting to buy a couch for our room so we can work in our room and a little escape from our kids. He is taking forever in choosing a couch ( and he has very specific opinions which at times I wish he would just go with it so I can just do it my way:) and here I am still sitting on the floor of my room working. Another example happened this morning when I wanted to talk to him about a camping trip we are planning for our family next week and my concern that it might be too cold at night. He gives me like 2 minutes of his time to talk about it and then says he really needs to focus back in to work mode.

I know this is me wanting to control his manual but it feels harder when we need to work together to make a decision and everything is moving so slowwwwwly…..

C: Husband offering only 1-2 minutes to chat about camping trip when we are going early next week.
T: Why can’t he just sit down and have this conversation with me till the end and then we will be done and can move on with our lives?!? It would be so much more efficient to have one solid conversation!!!
F: Frustration
A: Getting really annoyed and upset at husband. Walking about frustrated and pulling away
R: Nada. We don’t come to a conclusion, we don’t move forward and I am mad at him

Other T ideas are:
I know I like to get things done and check things off but things always do get done with him at the end
Come up with a list of all the options clearly and in written form to make deciding easier for him and then perhaps he could choose quicker.
I have known he moves a bit slower than me when making decisions. That’s just who he is. He is doing the best he can do. (This one doesn’t feel totally believable though.)

Would love if you had any guidance here or could offer other thought ideas?

Thank you!!