Getting it with the Head but not the Heart

Hi Brooke, am loving this program. 🙂

I’m having a hard time overly intellectualizing (I think) when doing the model and therefore, I don’t think I’m benefiting from trying to come up with an alternative thought. It’s hard to explain but when I come up with the “alternative” and try to phrase it as a more believable thought, the resistant “counter-thoughts” that keep coming up are “this is so obvious, dummy, did you really have to write that down” or “wow, tell me something I didn’t already know” or “yeah, I get that, but…” It’s really frustrating because I suspect that what’s happening is that I’m getting all of this intellectually but not allowing the breakthroughs to happen in my heart. Any suggestions on how I can stop being an intellectual snob so I can allow the changes to come? :). Thanks, Karlos