Getting in my head

So I’ve really been paying attention to how I am in my own head a lot. I’ve realized that I do amazing work for people that are really laid back; however, when someone sits in my chair (I am a hairstylist) and has a lot of expectation of me, I put all this pressure on myself and seize up and then I absolutely cannot do my job. I’ve gotten a lot better and don’t freeze so to speak anymore but I feel the pressure still and need to relax because I cannot create from a feeling of scarcity. It’s like I am attracting these people who don’t believe in my ability because I don’t believe in my ability enough. I want to think awesome thoughts about my talent and abilities as an artist because right now I’m really questioning myself and am falling into apathy. I don’t want to feel debilitated by this feeling anymore. I also want to attract a certain type of client who wants to pay for my service but I also don’t belief in my ability to make money so I have this major cognitive dissonance going on right now. I rely on my work for my feelings which isn’t good meaning when I do a good job, I think I’m good at what I do and when I mess up, I think I’m not. I therefore do not do consistent work and will never attract what I want if I don’t create great work. Thanks so much for your insight ahead of time.