Getting in touch with my feelings – I’m having a hard time nailing down what to put in the model in the T and F line with a certain topic

I volunteer for an organization that empowers women’s careers. Lately, a couple of members of the team at this organization have been disagreeing and bickering a lot. It’s been making me feel very angry, for some reason. I don’t know why. The conflicts should have nothing to do with me – so why do I feel so bad about it? Why does it make me angry?

I want to stop feeling angry.

Another thing is that the members of the organization will sometimes come to me privately to vent or talk about their conflicts with other people. This causes me some discomfort, since it feels like gossip and feels like it is dragging me into the thing that causes me to feel bad. Should I put up a boundary here?

I know my feelings are my responsibility. I just am not sure why I feel this way at all, and whether these feelings are misplaced, and what to do about them.