Getting obsessive with his texts

My boyfriend doesn’t reply my texts and ignores on purpose. He does like me I guess but ignores my texts or doesn’t talk to me nicely.

That’s a fact. Not a thought that I am thinking.

I feel inadequate and unwanted when I make his texts mean about me.

That I am not important to him.
That it does not matter to him if I leave him
That he doesn’t really feel love towards me.

Yeah half of the time I feel loving towards him but yeah I don’t really like his behaviour when he really dismiss what I say to him.

I don’t know what to do about this anymore. How do I stop having feelings for him because I keep checking my phone every second to see if he has texted back. I reply his texts on instant.

I just feel so empty when he acts this way. I don’t know where to go about our relationship. I hate this.