Getting off the Emotional Rollercoaster

I would like some coaching on controlling my emotions when things are swinging from “good” to “bad” very quickly.

For example, today I went to work at a client’s office and it felt GREAT. I made a plan last night of what I wanted to accomplish, went in and got it done. I found myself humming in the car and feeling like maybe things were somewhat getting back to normal. I felt like my old self.

Then I had a Google Hangout with my daughter’s teacher that was supposed to be for parents with questions on online learning and how it was going to work (we just started this week – I have models upon models around that). It turned out to be a chaotic mess with several 3rd graders screaming hello at each other, a teacher who was struggling with the technology and no real answers to anyone’s questions.

So I went from this is a great day to this is awful and it is never going to get better. I know this is all my thoughts, but I am not sure how to stay in control when emotional changes happen so rapidly and frequently. Help, please.