getting off the ground

I’m in my second month of scholars. I have listened to many podcasts and the entire weight loss and advanced weight loss material. I cannot consistently make choices when I get home from work that are going to further my goal. Every day I continue. I have made progress in not quitting and not beating myself up, I am trying again and again each day. I have a plan ahead of time. I practice allowing urges and I do seem to get it many times but not every day and not enough to lose weight. I do models. I know what I am thinking in the moments I eat off-plan and the moments I feel I cannot stop myself. I do not want to think those same things. I practice thinking other things. It might work once or twice but not consistently for me to make progress. Sometimes I am resisting and not allowing so I try that again. I know this is my choice, I accept that and I keep at it but I have not been able to make /see/feel real progress and I would like to know what if anything you can suggest. Thank you.