Getting over bad self talk

I’ve been in SCS for MONTHS, and finally last month realized the “problem” was my self-talk. I have been working on it a lot, and chose myself as my relationship work this week. After spewing out all the bad stuff the first day, realizing that the expectations were so crazy for anyone, and falling down several times keeping my word, I had a moment. My current goal is to not eat after dinner. Last night I made tea instead, then sat down with the tea, looked at it, got up and got food. I woke up very sorrowful. Went right in to self-blame and shame, but then it hit me….Wait – look how CLOSE I was to keeping my word! I actually made the tea!Yes I ate, but I did get one step further. I am so damn close, and tonight I will not eat. I am actually excited to do my work tonight, rather than the usual dread of “it is just a matter of time when I cave” Holy crap, this is hard work, but I never thought I would ever think positively about eating. Thank you – Rebecca