Getting over business loss

Hi Brooke- I started a business 2 years ago and went all in with my whole heart and gave it everything I could but I ended up closing it in June of this year because I basically ran out of money to keep it afloat before I was able to get it to cash flow. In this process, I spent $200K and am in another $150K in debt. I have been getting alot out of SCS and It basically helped me crawl our of depression due to the loss of the business. I would love to jump in full on with coach training but feel like I was not cautious enough the first time i went i to business and feel like I still need to clean up the debt of the first business before I start something new and that will take a bit. Also what if I fail at this and i just get in a pike of nee debt? Please help me figure out how to make a good decision here about if and when i do coach training. Thanks so much!