Getting Over Losing My Company/Job

I was the founder of a highly successful not-for-profit. I was the CEO for 10 years. 2 years ago, I was in an accident, and was off work for 12 months to recover. When I returned, the woman who had run the organization while I was off (the VP) told me that the staff did not want me back. I found it very difficult to navigate this challenge and couldn’t get my team to support me as the leader (I was also still recovering, so I wasn’t at the top of my game. Did lots of coaching to navigate my return!). 9 months after I returned, I decided to leave – although, I strongly suspect that I was going to get fired by the Board if I hadn’t decided to leave because my staff was telling the board that they preferred the VP & that I was not doing a good job.

C – no longer the CEO of my company
T – I can’t believe “they” did this to me after I worked so hard for 10 yrs to build this successful business. The VP took advantage of my accident to make a power play.
F – victimized
A – not showing up as my best self as I try to rebuild a career
R – stumbling to try to rebuild my career

Another model is
C – no longer CEO
T – I am not good enough
F – rejection/ shame
A & R – same as above

I’ve had ++coaching on this, but my brain is indulging in it! I am really struggling to put it behind me and move on. I loved(!) my company, my team, our work. I miss it.

I got a contract with a global organization within days of leaving, and I’ve been offered a few other interesting jobs. I’m actually making better $ now than before – but I can’t seem to make peace with what happened. Advice?