Getting Paid For What I Love

I had a great coaching call this morning and she suggested that I do a model pertaining to a thought that I had listed as an action.

Unintentional Model:

C- Jobs
T- I do not want to be paid for the things that I love to do.
F- Limited.
A- Immediately squash all ideas of doing something that I love professionally with negative self- talk -Continue a pattern of picking traditional and “safe careers” -Engage in the things that I enjoy for a while and then stop when I think of the pressure of having someone judge/pay for it -Remind myself that I am 45 and too old to think about starting something different -Beat myself up in my head for being “so difficult -Tell myself that it would be way too much work to do something different

Intentional Model:

C- same
T- I am willing to believe that it is possible to make a living doing something that I love
F- Hopeful
A- Enjoy doing the things that I love to do -Acknowledge that unintentional thought came from parents and culture based on their own fears -Try new activities of interest -Consider what I learned from Brooke’s money webinar that I should be willing to receive money for my work because someone else finds it valuable

Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!