getting paid until 3

I am shift worker that gets paid the entire shift regardless if I get to leave early. Some of us leave by3pm, others 5pm, 7pm, etc. Sometimes the 5pm or later shifts get the 3pm people out early, especially if there is several extra staff just sitting around. Frequently I get annoyed or frustrated that the team leader or my peers don’t make initiative to get everyone out early where possible. I create all this drama in my head about them that they are lazy or they don’t care about anyone else. And then sometimes that drama goes as far as “they don’t get me out early because they don’t like me.” Ive worked these models out countless times, I know all of it isn’t true.  I want to be able to believe this model, but need a little help.

C: I am paid to work until 3pm
T: If I get out early, that is such a treat
F: thankful
A: I’m not thinking less of everyone else and myself, stop dwelling to get out early, practice gratitude
R: I ……

I’ve told myself this circumstance over the last several months, but something is not sticking to make this my go to thought and belief. I’m tired of making myself miserable by telling myself the current storyline. Thank you.