Getting past the pain and fight the binging when something major comes up

Hello, I was thrown into some past hurt with my mother (I am 50, go figure) and I fell off the wagon. I binged like crazy over the whole weekend, feeling so sorry for myself. I had expressed going to visit her and the family abroad for August in Greece and she said they weren’t going this summer (they go every summer) I wanted to go for my 50th birthday. I need at least 3 months planning time to get coverage at work, have my bills paid and everything set up for the time I am away. Well, low and behold I found out that she decided at the last minute to be in Greece for a whole month and a half. She has a disabled son she cares for 24/7 and he started new treatments and she told me she wasn’t able to go this year due to him having to be close to his medical team in London. So my plans were cancelled but when I found out she went and didn’t tell me I went into all sorts of trauma. We have a history of instability all throughout my childhood. I thought I was over it all, but when this happened I just ate and ate and drank (cake, cookies, 2 bottles of wine, chips, basil guacamole) as if I was punishing myself. I did soo well for two weeks on intermittent fasting and eating all the whole foods, veggies, fruit organic, grass-fed beef, etc…but this just got me. Sooooo in order to keep it together, next time, I need support, tools and to get past this abandonment issue once and for all. I am a grown woman but my heart still hurts. Since starting this work, it seems like lots of stuff is coming up for me, and I really don’t want to start going to a therapist to deal. How do I rewire my psyche, soothe my soul and get well already. I’d like to be coached live with Brooke on this one please. Thank you.