Getting power back when someone lies or changes their mind?

My husband told me he no longer wants to be married. He has decided “marriage is not for him”. My thoughts are going to… “he lied to me, he stole my future plans with him from me”, stuff like that. I can come to terms with lying/changing mind. It happens. We all do it. But the thought “he stole my future with him from me”… I am wondering how to go about changing that thought to get my power back. I can’t think of what he stole from me that I can’t create within myself. I can’t cuddle myself, have marital sex with myself, feel the touch of another human myself, have deep conversations with someone else myself, travel with someone myself… stuff like that. I know I can do all of those things ALONE, but it’s the “doing them with him” that he stole from me and I want to get past that thought and stop being angry about it.