Getting pregnant as a goal


One of my goals is to become a mom and therefore to get pregnant. I was wondering how much it is possible to put that into a goal with a deadline since today I think that nature plays a role. (or I want nature to play a role maybe!)
It’s been a year that I stopped contraception but so far I am not pregnant. We went through a couple of medical examinations lately and so far there are no explanations on why it is not working. Our gynecologist recommended to go through protocols (artificial insemination & IVF) Where I am stuck is that I think that even though we go through these, there is no promise these are going to work within the deadline I wrote on paper.

What’s interesting as I write here my message is to observe how much my brain thinks the protocols are not going to work!! and how much I want to keep it “natural”; My thoughts are:
>I would prefer not to go through protocols to get pregnant
>I don’t want/I am not sure that I want to have to pick a date to get pregnant/become a mom.
Other thoughts that are coming are:
> Since there is no “appropriate” time to become a mom, it would be better to leave it to nature.
> I don’t really want to decide when I want to become pregnant/a mom

When I see my thoughts, I am confused about the desire to become a mom and the means/actions I am willing to take to get there. I somehow realize that where I am at now is I don’t want to take any actions except feeling love for my partner to become a mom. My fear behind leaving it to nature is my age (I am 37) and my physical conditions (I have one ovary and one Fallopian tube working).

I think there is a lot of thought work and models to do!

I would appreciate your perspective here 🙂 thanks a lot!