Getting Pregnant

Hello Brooke,

I have a question about an impossible goal: I want to get pregnant in 2018 – but is this a goal I can / should define for myself?
I´ve being trying to get pregnant with my 2nd child all 2017 and it didn´t work, so it does feel really impossible – the question is: How far can I influence this?
Maybe it´s something that never happens, no matter what I do…so I don´t know if it makes sense als Goal?

I how can I think in a way that empowers me, if I´m not getting pregnant over and over again? this Situation ist really difficult , has lots of ups and downs… I´ve been really optimistic and positive for the las 12 months, but it´s starting to feel really difficult to believe, that I may someday get pregnant…

Thank you so much for your inside in this one..