Getting rid of Guilt – just a choice?


I need help with changing a thought that seems so strong. When I was hired for my current job, I negotiated hard and asked for a $x salary. They were reluctant but the CEO wanted me to come aboard and convinced the Board to agree to my request. But now that I have been here for awhile, I realized that I am not as qualified as I thought and I feel an incredible amount of guilt and that I am letting someone down. I get caught up in other people’s expectations of me and me not meeting them. I’ve done models:

C: Get $x Salary
T: I am not meeting other people’s expectations
F: Shame
A: Try to keep proving myself with projects that don’t always pan out, buffer, look for other jobs
R: I am not meeting their expections or my own

New Model (- trying to come up with one that I believe)
C: Get $x Salary
F: Worthy
A: Do my job, be in flow, not worry what other people think,
R: A job I love and not want to escap from

I cannot seem to find a thought that feels believable. I try “I love my job” “I cannot control what others think” “I have my own back” but none of those sound right. Maybe a bridge thought? I have a job?

C: Job with x Salary
T: I have a job
F: Neutral
A: Do my job
R: I have a job

This feels fine/neutral but I’d love to get to my intentional model of loving my job and feeling worthy and confident.