Getting Sick as a conflict with my Monday hour one schedule

I just finished the Monday Hour One course and feel so motivated about it! I work a Friday-Sunday schedule for context. However, at the moment I am feeling under the weather, enough that I left work early yesterday and took today off, as well. I started feeling sick on Thursday, but it wasn’t part of my schedule to miss any work so I pushed myself through Friday and half of yesterday, until I felt like I couldn’t take anymore. My job is decently physically demanding and I feel like I pushed myself so hard I made myself feel more sick. I’m feeling so guilty for not sticking to my schedule, but I don’t want to get others sick, I don’t know if I’m indulging in the emotion of exhaustion or self-pity but I’m spinning in thought circles about how to adjust when it was so clear about no exceptions in the course. I just don’t know where to go from here because I don’t know when I’m going to feel better. I keep planning to pick back up tomorrow but wake up the next day feeling worse. I would just really like some advice on where to go from here or help seeing where I’m creating the drama around the facts.