Getting Started (sorta!)

Hi Brooke! So I’m a huge fan, love the podcast, second month in SCS, and coming to training in August. I’m very excited about becoming a coach and have always been a natural listener, advice giver, “counselor” and what not—so am very thrilled to put some skill behind what I innately love to do. Many of my family members and friends know I am going to training and want me to “coach them” now for fun and for free. I’m hesitant to do this, but at the same time wouldn’t mind trying it out. My nephew George (13) has agreed to meet with me. My question is.. how do you start out—especially with a kid? I’m just trying to figure out a way to break the ice and sort of get into it.. without simply saying “what’s your problem!?” Especially with someone so young. Do you ever do a questionnaire or have leading questions you ask? Anyway.. super willing and I am pretty good at understanding the model but just not quite sure how to actually start at the first meeting. THANK YOU!

Jennifer Markoff