Getting stuck on my models

I am committing to myself to be more mindful about my homework, and doing thought downloads/models daily. Right now I am making excuses that I don’t have the time (banish the thought!!) which is not reality.
So in doing my homework, I am stuck on my model for today. We (significant other) are leaving for France with my (elderly) parents, my two sisters, and nephew in two days. I am packed for the trip, but feeling overwhelmed with work before the trip, and what I have on my teaching schedule for September.
My attempt with my model (there are holes, need help!):
C: leaving for France in two days
T: I have too much work to do before and after trip

F: anxious, sick to my stomach

A: distracted, working frantically, making lists

R: not sure?

Intentional Thought:

C: I am going to France in 2 days

T: I am blessed to have this opportunity with my family

F: connected, engaged, joyful

A: ??

R: ??

I want to have an amazing adventure and connect with my family and Brad. To savor the moments and create memories for our family. I get tripped up on actions and results.
Please help!!