Getting stuck on the “how.”

I always get caught up in the how of things (which in itself is probably a thought that needs changing.) I understand the Model and feel like I can come up with a new thought, but how do I implement ALL the new thoughts into my life? Obviously, you are teaching us how to believe a new thought this month, but that’s an intensive, daily practice on one specific belief. I have thoughts all day long that need changing. Do I just focus on one at a time?

In choosing my new belief for the month, I’ve chosen I know I can make over 100K this year. I wonder if that’s a big enough belief shift because I think I already believe that, I’m just not sure of the how. I realize I’ll probably uncover some of the how during my daily thought download, or at least open myself up to possibilities. I wondered if my new belief should be I know I can make over 100K this year by creating a signature coaching program. But, that is harder for me to believe because I get caught up wondering, “What if that’s the wrong how?”

Am I just staying stuck in indecision because it keeps me safe?