Getting Things Done Question – a mountain of work

After looking at the getting things done and Monday Hour 1, I’m curious about how to manage just a sheer amount of work that will take more than 40 or 60 hours a week to complete. If the consequences of saying “no” are termination due to “not performing” do I accept the fact that these are the terms, or do I decided to leave? How do I work with the fact that (for simplicity of the question here) there are 80 one-hour assignments, and despite best B- efforts, calendaring, thought work, and saying “no,” it is still 80 one-hour assignments.

Is it as simple as “if not doing all 80 per week, find a new job” as a if-then statement? Is it as simple as “I am doing all I can do and it is just impossible to fit it in a 40 hour week and still be in good standing with the boss?”

I like the two programs and use them, but it’s just more work than a 40-hour work week can allow. After looking at it, it truly is a C not a T in this case. I wouldn’t say I’m low performing or lazy, and my A line is doing great things for me (don’t really live in overwhelm), but I’m just curious on how you’d approach this case. Brooke seems pretty solid on the fact that “no one should be working more than a 40 hour week,” how can that apply to me?