Getting to Certainty

Brooke, I would love to hear your best thoughts for creating certainty. You create certainty with your thoughts about what you are able to achieve and this includes you are certain you can help your clients/students achieve results – even when they are very uncertain and offering you a lot of “really real evidence, reasons, excuses” why they can’t achieve those results and why they aren’t already.

I also know you’ve said that you were never bothered by the fact that you were teaching women weight loss when some people were questioning your authority to do so. What were your thoughts then?

I am offering a group coaching program and one of the things I for sure want to teach is that “making money is not a mystery, making money as much money as you want is a skill available to everyone, it is a mindset and an aspect of self-mastery.” And I particularly want to teach this to mothers and artists/creatives – these groups have a lot of limiting beliefs about how much money they can make and what it’ll do to their families and creative process in order to make it.

I believe this: “making money is not a mystery, making money as much money as you want is a skill available to everyone, it is a mindset and an aspect of self-mastery.” I choose to believe this. I have thought errors that creep in and lazy thinking but I am aware and I am diligent about self-coaching and I am committed to making this my belief. I am committed to a few big “impossible goals” around this topic too so that I can be an example of what is possible (in art and motherhood) through the power of imagining, believing, coaching and then creating as if you’re already that level of a creator. I’ve created some evidence for myself too and am in the massive action process of creating loads more.

Where my self coaching today is around the fact that in response to my group coaching program offer to teach these things, I’ve gotten a few yes’s (that I had to coach them through) and several, several, “I love this, this is just for me, but I can’t afford this right now because I just don’t have the money/our family budget is too tight/and I don’t see how I could make the money.” The last one I fine coaching them on. It’s the first too where I feel a hitch inside of me. I don’t think I’d have this hitch if I believed 100% that I could help them make back not only the cost of the program, but 10x that. I do have a money back guarantee if they do all the work and still don’t make back their investment. But I don’t have that same guarantee if they don’t make back 10x it?

Here is where I am coaching myself on this:
Unintentional Model:
C: group coaching program, 3 sign-ups, 9 “I love this but can’t because [no money situation x, y, z]”
T: See, I shouldn’t have done this, it’s not working
F: shame
A: I am bad for doing this, see I can’t even do it myself, what if I am being reckless, what if I am jeopardizing their finances, what if I hurt their families, I am not ready for this, I need to have more certainty myself first, what if the people who I’ve helped make lots of money were just lucky, what if I just got lucky with them, what if I can’t do the same thing for these people
R: shame, looking to all the reasons it won’t work, wanting to retreat, explaining away and undermining my past success

Intentional thought model:
C: C: group coaching program, 3 sign-ups, 9 “I love this but can’t because [no money situation x, y, z]”
T: The “I can’t make money because I don’t have money” is exactly where the coaching begins – they are really either doubting their ability or my ability.
T: They have a problem and I have a solution that can change their and their families lives for the better x10!
T: I am going to have at least 15 people in this class and I’m going to give them everything I’ve got and coach my face off so that they are going to create stunning, amazing results for themselves and realize what utter badass, creative powerhouses they’ve been all along. They are going to unleash their creativity and their power that’s currently held back by “I can’t because…” thoughts.
A: keep working my plan, keep doing the work, on to the next thing, coaching my face off and them as I go, keep brainstorming, keep putting myself and this work out there, keep making offers, keep coaching, keep writing, keep showing up…
R: – learning so much more about myself, them, and this process in the process, learning what really works,

C: People on the fence about the program and they say it’s because of money
T: I’m not sure if I should sell to them…maybe it was a mistake to offer this to them
F: confused…guilt, shame
A: think I’m a bad person, second guess myself and my ability to help these people make money, think maybe they’re right- maybe they can’t make money, jump in the pool with their stories, hesitate when I talk to them about the program when we get to the part where they tell me why they can’t afford it…
R: I won’t sell the program to them and they’ll still have those same limiting beliefs and be stuck in that same nearly broke/struggling place and they won’t have this mastery, skillset, mindset either.

C: People on the the fence…
T: Their thought, “I’d love to be in your program, I love what you do and what you offer, but…[no money reason]”
is at the heart of their money problems and money blocks and I can solve THAT problem, I have a solution for that , and that kind of coaching and healing and empowering of creativity and abundance is central to my program
F: (I’m feeling better and more clear here…but want to get to ENTHUSIASTIC and CERTAINTY)
A: that part of those sales calls would flow and I wouldn’t feel weird/creepy/self-doubting/guilty…I’d know I was offering them the best thing ever and at a really amazing price point
R: empowered and rich artists, creatives and mamas, stunning results, examples of what is possible, paving the way for others to do the same…

I’d love any feedback and thoughts you have, Brooke. Thank you! XO