Getting to much time to complete a task

Hi. I have done my do goals, and I decided that a task was going to take 2 weeks. Now I am feeling so stressed and hopeless because it was 2 months ago and I’m just starting with my plan. I run a video production company, I have started 6 months ago, and maybe I’m learning how to manage all the tasks right now I can’t delegate. I’m more than committed to do what it takes. I’m getting up earlier, more organized, more focus. It feels like I can’t do this by myself. Now I’m not creating the energy that is necessary to go for it. I’m tired, stressed, overwhelmed. Now I have 3 months to make it work, or I won’t be able to pay for my family’s life. Ok, my question is How can I deal with the fact “it takes more than I expected”? Thanks very much!