Getting to neutral

My husband tells me that he’s experiencing a lot of anxiety about the pandemic, and frequently shared a lot of his thoughts about it after being out in public. I know that his thoughts are a C in my model… but I have SO many opinions about everything he says, and I watch my brain want to treat all of it like a problem I need to solve.

I’m starting to see that actually believing circumstances are neutral is a recurring theme in my thought work, it’s just especially obvious with my interactions with my husband.

Are there any resources you recommend around getting to neutral? I remember the one podcast episode Brooke did about passing through neutral, but I’m wondering if there are any study guides or course material that dig into it more?

Also: Where does feeling and processing that feeling of judgement and resistance to my husband’s words happen?

Is the process: feel feelings, process emotions without resisting – THEN work on an intentional model? Thank you!