Getting from wanting to want to to wanting to

I am not making consistent inroads in changing my habits/desire for an extra dessert or glass of cabernet (chardonnay, seriously! who drinks that?) because while I “want to want to” change, I don’t actually “want to.” Partly committing to a big enough “why”?

I think you have addressed “want to want to” already and I appreciate your directing me there or giving some strategies here. Thanks.

p.s. Here’s something funny – I have judged one of the Scholars for “hogging” the airwaves until it occurred to me that I have been holding back because of ego and fear of being judged by you for being ignorant (and so what, right?)I think I should know more (I’m a coach and have been following you and doing this work on myself for years.) My October intention is to ask every question that I can’t upon reflection or research, figure out.