Ghosted by friend

My good friend has suddenly, with no explanation, stopped returning my calls, texts, and emails. I’m concerned about her well-being. I notice she is posting on her social media so I feel secure that she is at least alive. I’ve done many models to move out of a feeling of betrayal and into one of fully believing the thought: she must need space, but I don’t fully believe this and still am taking it personally and feel betrayed and hurt.

C: Friend did not return call
T: She is ghosting me
F: Betrayed
A: Spin, text, call again, worry, check social media constantly to confirm she’s there or maybe confirm she’s ignoring me (probably this is why I check – ahhhh clever brain), text other friends to make more drama out of it
R: Not sure what the result is here that relates to the thought???

The feeling I want to have is: Supportive – I can’t quite get my model in order – to believe it – this is as close as I get. But I still honestly feel hurt.

C: Friend hasn’t returned call
T: My dear friend is overwhelmed and simply needs some space right now
F: Supportive
A: I’m still spinning though, checking socials constantly, etc.
R: ????

How do I move into SUPPORTIVE? or LOVING? or EMPATHETIC? These are ways I prefer to show up.

Thank you.