Giving advise, Having an opinion, Sharing information

How do you determine this when you are in a conversation with a person so that the conversation does not turn into a judge fest, which is so common today. So many people give their opinion and the person they are talking to sometimes might think it advise and take it or leave or get mad. Sharing information can also cause one to feel they are getting advise or that person is giving their opinion.

When life coaching talks about relationships, it has been said that people will do what they want etc. then why do we need and WHEN should we give advise, give your opinion or share information or even have a conversation on WHAT? You know, you can think of people who react to your conversation this way, yes? I know this is kind of vague but any feedback would be helpful or maybe it is finding a C and working it through? It seems like most if not all conversations entail this though. You know the adage, I am sure many people have had a parent says this, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Yes, this is good advise especially if you have a bunch of negative thoughts rolling in and if you say any of them out loud then the conversation takes a turn. Not productive or useful. Sometimes one turns around and says what they think is “nice” so they can say something. Being quiet all the time does not apply in all conversations and situations. Yes, you notice that I am using third person here as I am being aware of this in myself and others. I would think that connecting with people is best and the goal as to why we talk to each other to connect and of course communicate. Any probing questions to ask myself?