Giving myself a hard time when I get sick

This week I got sick (a virus), not the kind when you can just take a Nurofen and keep going. The kind that knocks you out and you sleep for 2 days.

My problem is when I get sick I feel guilty, lazy and pathetic. I have this idea I should be able to get done what I say I’m going to get done no matter what. Getting sick feels out of my control. I can’t control if I will catch something or not and then I feel so pissed when I have plans of what I want to create and being sick holds me back. Then I have to play catch up when I feel better again. When I am better, I always think. Why didn’t I just rest? It’s so hard to do things when you are sick and so easy to get it done when you’re not.

I have this idea in my mind that successful people don’t get sick or somehow they keep going even when they are. Is this true? If my friend was sick and they were giving themselves a hard time I would say ‘don’t be a dill, just rest and take care of yourself, the work will still be there when you are better and you will be able to get it done twice as fast as if you try to do it when you are sick’.

What am I asking here? Can I just let myself be sick? I feel like I spend the whole time struggling not to be sick instead of surrendering, resting and just getting better. Is it ok to let myself feel being sick or should I be pushing myself to do more even though I’m sick? -(this is what I imagine successful people are doing).