Giving up job security at my age

Hi Brooke,

I am going for an interview tomorrow for a job that I would love to get. It makes my heart soar thinking of the possibilities this job would bring to my career. It is perfect in every way except one. The problem is I keep telling myself I can’t take it because it would mean I would lose my 20 years seniority. I can let go of the vacation time, and the job security, but I can’t give up the sick time I have accumulated. In my present job if I got something serious like Cancer I would be taken care of by my employer. In this new job I’d be left with nothing. I can’t lose my income because I am the main income in the family. It would devastate us if we didn’t have my income. I have worked on models about this, but I can’t get over the fact that it would be irresponsible of me to follow my dreams at the expense of my family. Is this justification for not taking the job?