Giving Up Perceived Security

I currently have a nursing position that I have been in for 16 years.  As far as nursing jobs go, this position would be most nurses dream job.  I am a patient educator and have my own office.  I only work 4 days a week with regular hours and weekends off.  I have a pension and can retire in 10 years when I am 57.  I don’t want to do this job anymore and I want to pull up anchor. I am starting coaching training this month.
I have applied for a casual nursing job that I can do virtually from home.  So what is the problem?

When I consider even getting a call for this new job for an interview my mind goes to staying safe in the cave. Who gives up these benefits? What if I have to take a terrible nursing job in the future just to make ends meet?  Although, we can make ends meet with my husbands wage.

Then I flip flop to “I am all in and this is going to be The Year” and “I am going to do anything it takes to have a successful business” which creates motivation and commitment . I know this is where I need to be to make this my year but every night and every morning I am filled with fear and doubt and my thought downloads in the morning are all “negative”.  Do I just need to practice the new thought?  Or take more action from the new thought?