Giving up Sugar and Flour

Hi Coaches,

I love SCS and I am so grateful to everyone here for your inspiration and support! I feel stronger, happier, saner, more capable, more mature, loving, accepting, flexible etc etc than before.
So now on to the next challenge….
In September I gave up alcohol and now it has been 50 days. It was not easy but I did it! For the month of October my plan was to continue with no alcohol and give up Sugar and Flour as well. I have stopped and started since Oct 1 but here I am on day 4.

Is it OK to increase my fat and protein in the beginning while my body gets used to no sugar? In order to wean myself I have had more fruit and I have been eating more other foods and gaining weight. I figured I would go 1 week no s and f and then week 2 focus on only 3 meals a day. Then week 4 stay on protocol. Then week 6 Intermittent Fast. So by week 7 I will have slowly changed many of my bad habits and accomplished many amazing things.

I have been in scholars for 1 year and a few months and I have stopped and started and stayed stuck in the same place with regards to binging, emotional eating, drinking. Regardless of my weight I want to feel good by eating healthy and nourish my body. I know that once I form new healthy habits my weight will naturally go down.

There are many ways I could do this but for me it seems constraint is my best shot. I want to overcome my binge eating once and for all! Do you have any advice or words of wisdom? Thank you in advance.