Giving without expecting vs the mindset of receiving

Just listened to the most recent Bonus Call on Money and have a question – What is the line between giving freely vs knowing and expecting what my product is worth?

There was one part of the call where you were talking about giving freely. Another part about being open to receive. What does that look like? Is it case by case? As a musical artist, I struggle with the line of when I am willing to use my talent for free and when I should expect to be paid for my value. I am working to have the mindset to be willing to receive money for the value I create (I have had the “struggling artist” mindset for too long) but I also strongly agree that when we give freely it comes back 200%. Is there a line between when you give freely and when you ask for money? You were talking about selling a $10 Mercedes – do I take my talent elsewhere or do I just give freely and expect the returns to come in other ways? Am I missing the point entirely? (Entirely possible – haha) Thanks Brooke! Xoxo