Glad my life went on pause for covid

These past few weeks have been very eye opening for me. I was relieved when everything got shut down. And other than driving my 8 kids around to their various activities, I had absolutely no personal plans to cancel, no trips, no night outs with friends. Long story short I had nothing that I enjoy or am passionate about get cancelled. I am realizing that my entire life revolves around my obligations to other people. Even the activities I have to do, I don’t really like, such as volunteering in the nursery at church, helping out at my kids homeschool co-op (none of which I like but feel obligated to help out with since I use the services).
One goal I am setting for myself is to 1- stop pleasing people 2- find something I enjoy doing that is all me. Here is my question. How do I do that? I homeschool my 8 kids and my youngest is 1 year old. I am limited in my freedom to pursue things at this stage of my life.