"Go find yourself a husband !", she said

Hi ! I am single and the result I want to create is “being in a committed relationship”. I don’t feel the need to be with someone just for the sake of validation or out of loneliness, I actually enjoy being single, but having someone to share my life with is an experience I would like to have. Not to mention, having someone to love, which feels amazing.

I saw Brooke coach that lady by telling her to “go find yourself a husband !” as if it was the easiest / funniest thing in the world. I love that mindset although my current thoughts don’t allow me to access it right now. When I coach myself, all I can think of is :

T :”this is so hard”
F : frustrated
A : giving up
R : no partner

T : “all the good ones are taken”
F : sad / self-pity
A : buffering / overeating
R : no confidence to go after a partner

C : 50+ first dates and still counting
T : “I don’t like any of these guys”
F : picky
A : efforting my way to liking someone
R : a short relationship that doesn’t last long

C : Guy tells me he isn’t looking for something serious
T : “he just wants sex, he’s not interested in me”
F : angry
A : withholding
R : no partner

C : My crush isn’t mutual
T : “I will never find someone for me”
F : despair
A : negativity spiral, including self-pity and buffering
R : no. fucking. partner.

What thoughts generate abundance (AND RESULTS) when it comes to dating ?
Single Lady