Goal 2020 Art exhibition and a big thank you

After some drama I decided yesterday my impossible goal for 2020. Having an art exhibition in a nearby city at the end of November 2020. With an article in the newspaper, a fb page from January up to the expo. It will be an expo where my paintings are for sale as well. I’m figuring out how to fit a commercial component (selling a X number of paintings) in my goal already before the expo.

And guess what? After my decision I wrote the reasons it was impossible. I got 32! Then the page was full:-) Like: “I’m not a real artist. I live in the coutryside. People have no money here. I didn’t go to the academy of art….” 🙂
32 models to get a grip on my brain!

How interesting is my brain. Finding all reason why it’s not possible.

After 6 months in SCS I can say to you Brooke and other coaches; I care less about others’ opinions, take more risks, am not the perfectionist anymore (I think of you comparing them with scared people) I’m more aware in all situations. I have less drama in my live. I love more unconditionally. See my son of 13 years with curiosity, interest and less with judgement and anxiety. I forgive my mom and love her as she is. And so on. This is just what comes to my mind now, spontaneously. There’s so much more.

Any feedback on my impossible goal is welcome!

A big THANK you.