Goal/Action steps

Hi, I wanted to see if I was setting up one of my goals the best way possible (It’s part of my monthly planner):

– Top goal this month: Learn to manage my mind
– Why?/Compelling Reason: To lose weight (I wanted the reason to be something tangible and not feeling/emotion based)
– Success measured by: This is where I got stuck. Should I measure this goal by my weight on the scale? beads in my urge jar? Daily Models? What proof am I looking for to verify I’m learning to manage my mind?
– Action Steps: Do the following things daily: Models, thought downloads, meditate, visualize and affirmations, plan for my next day in advance and stick to what I said I would do that day.
Should losing weight be a different goal on it’s own? I was avoiding doing it as a goal on it’s own since most of the compelling reasons I want to lose weight is to feel a certain way which I can already practice feeling without having to lose the weight.

Hope this made sense! Thank you