Goal clarity for transitioning to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

Hi there,

I could use some help around clarifying my goal. With weight loss, it’s simple, because it’s quantifiable. However, with my goal to fully transition to a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet (WFPBD), I’m not quite sure how to measure achievement. I long for a food culture shift that is strong and solid (maintaining it for a good amount of time in order to say I have achieved it), rooted in changing my current sugar laden palette, cooking for myself rather than constant restaurant delivery, planning my meals, loading up on fruits and vegetables daily. I want this to be my norm. I want this to be my food culture.

As I set out to write my goal clearly, with measurable outcomes, I struggle with how to get something on paper that I can use as my anchor in this process.

I would love some help with ideas. So far I have:
I will be fully transitioned to a WFPB lifestyle by September 1, 2021.
I will know I have transitioned to WFPB when I have maintained this lifestyle for at least three months prior to my goal date.
Maintaining this lifestyle equates to minimally processed plant rich meals 90% of the time.

Thanks in advance.