Goal in Mind? Part 2

Hi Brooke!

Thank you for your reply to ‘Goal in Mind?’ If I am to only have ONE specific goal, I am hoping you can help me decide where to focus as all are important to me.

1. Weight loss of 6 pounds I lose and gain over and over again for 8 years?
2. Drink less, currently on Whole30 so not drinking anything. Usually it’s 2 glasses of wine per night. Would like to cut back to 3 times per week at 1-2 glasses.
3. Career. I am a massage therapist and sound healer and would like to take it to the next level and play my Himalayan Singing bowls in a group setting.

You mentions in your reply to make sure my goal is measurable, has a time frame and to have a compelling reason for achieving it. I definitely have those down. What’s next in the process? What am I to do daily to make sure I am on track toward my goal?