Goal question – lb

We have a large building behind our home that we have discussed for 9 years as being a place for our kids to gather with friends and hang out when they are teens. My husband is in my assessement the cause for the lack of movement and i blame him. In honesty there are things in there that are mine or at least are rhings i can make decisions about . I would like to pick a goal that has to do with me going through everything out there i have power over and making decisions what to do with them. couple of things come up for me- one, i don’t know how to properly name the goal – i dont know if this is realistic in one month. And i dont feel i will know till i get in there which i likely wont till sept 4 or 5th. Can i re name goal once i assess situation (i literally have not looked at things in the space in several year!). The other part of this id like guidance on is that my past tendency is to start messing with my husbands stored stuff cause i have such judgement about it. Eg i will throw stuff away then i start to feel guilty and shamefull cause i see how im trying to control him to make me feel better. So part of my goal id like to have is to not open or look at or move or gripe at him abiut any of his stuff- how can i include this clearly in my goal? The one other question is there is a voice telling me i should pick a goal around getting a job as that is my current focus in addition to full time mom and homemaker – but we are fine financially if i dont figure that out for another 6 months but developing this meta skill around this goal – even though its a bit of a stange goal – feels super poweful. Im excited and scared and worried and ready all at once.